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Little Dark Secrets Management – Guiltless Excuses

Guiltless Excuses is a mobile phone app, but it is not just an app. It is a management system for your little dark desire, and it tends to offer the community a better understanding of people’s psychological needs for being absence. There are times that we are highly involved in community activities that it takes up too much of our time, and we just need a little bit of rest.
There are also times where you are obliged to participate in some activities which you don’t desire to take part in. However, in either cases, and all other possible cases, there is the peer pressure for your absence, and as a good person you will feel a bit guilty about being absent as well. Guiltless Excuses is trying to offer you a solution to this: Excuses Management.
Guiltless Excuses looks like a normal calendar app. You can use it like a normal calendar app, to add your events, setting notifications, etc. Beyond the normal calendar function, it has three more things: Danger Meter, Events to Keep In Mind, and Radar.
Danger Meter indicates how much excuses you have made in the past that are still effective psychologically in others mind, and warn you when you have made too many excuses. Just to prevent people realizing that all your excuses were EXCUSES and you don’t really want to join them.
Events to Keep In Mind are the excuses you’ve made and that you should remember it ALL TIME when you encounter others so they feel you are unreliable.
Radar is a GPS map that gives you real time information where to avoid. Don’t get too close to the location that held the event you want to avoid! You might meet someone just on the way there!
Whenever you add a new event, it will set up a recommended 3 days advanced notification – which is the best time to make an excuse if you want to avoid any event.n It decompose the excuse into critical elements to help you come up with a well-rounded “fake” event: the location of the event, the people involved in the event, the duration of the event, and the expected outcome. For those who are not so good at coming up with ideas from scratch, there is also a template generator machine that you can use. Guiltless Excuses will tell you how “difficult” your excuse is to maintain as a guidance to minimize the chance of regrets might occur later. And for those who want to feel less guilty, we also introduce the idea called Absence Offset.
Absence Offset is an anonymous donation by you to whoever you will like to contribute to, whom you think your absence has caused their loss. We, Digital Salvation, the designer of the app, will send the amount of money you entered as an anonymous cheque to the person/organization you appointed to. We combine the money you contributed along with other’s contributions to the same organizations each month, and send them a monthly cheque, in order to keep you under cover.
And the last thing, the app will send an email message for you to the event organizer to inform your absence, saves you the energy to open your mailbox!
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Business Model
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Screen shot of the app