Nicolas Myers

Transgenic Bestiary
From glowing rabbits to hypoallergenic cats, transgenic animals are already part of our environment. These new animals, engineered for medical purposes, research or pure amusement are blurring conventional classifications. Darwin’s tree is slowly changing into a web where elephants and jellyfish, panthers and hummingbirds are crossed and merged together marking a new step in evolution. Natural selection is no longer the only rule.

These new possibilities stretch the imagination and raise questions as to how we consider other living creatures with the risk of treating them as pure commodities. How can a classification reflect the cultural changes that come with our new capacities for shaping the living?

Instead of rationalizing the place of animals yet to come and the role of biotechnologies, my project sets out to question our cultural relationship with animals. I propose a set of tools and artefacts to help us define personal, absurd and irrational classifications which may be better suited to grasp our future man-made biodiversity.

A Sociable Robot