Ludwig Zeller


The "dromolux" object addresses the possible increase in cognitive performance of future generations. This device is a speed-reading trainer that flashes words at an increasing pace using a strobe light and very short exposure. Used together with appropriate medication it could help elderly or handicapped people to fight their cognitive flaws.

In a society predicated on the transfer and consumption of information, the wish for never-ending cognitive function could replace the desire for endless healthiness and beauty. How will the digital seniors deal with their mental decay in a few decades time? The “dromolux” would be used at nursery homes where elderly people could opt-in for a speed-reading training scheme.

The “dromolux” is designed for a world in which the global processing of information has grown enormously and the medication with brain enhancement drugs became morally accepted, more effective and safe. It visualizes a way of perception that is on the verge of being incomprehensible. But through this, it gives a glimpse into a future information society.

This project is part of the ongoing series "OLD IN THE NEW" - an investigation of future concepts of information technology that Ludwig Zeller is currently undertaking. In collaboration with Jack Smith.

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