Kjen Wilkens

Sensor Poetics

The weather has long been a safe topic for conversation to avoid sensitive or personal matter. Despite this mundane connotation of talking about the weather, it often plays a significant role in organizing autobiographical memory. Most of us remember special situations from the past related to weather events. In fact there is a whole subculture of weather enthusiasts who measure, predict and discuss the weather in their spare time. Some are going on storm chases others just like to compare the amount of rain fallen in their garden every year.

When, as suggested by visions such as ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things, many objects around us are producing sensor data, maybe the photo and video camera might not be the main means of recording situations anymore.  What if we would use a weather 'camera' instead of a photo camera to capture and remember special moments? As a sensor device it could record wind, light, temperature, humidity and air quality for the current time and location. How would we use this sensor data to tell the stories of these moments? How would we share these stories with our family and friends? Would we engage in 'casual storm chasing'? This project explores notions of storytelling in relation to a near future in which objects around us are electronically sensing the world.
Project Credits
Story Writing: Alex Burrett
Product Design: Molly Anderson
Programming: Steffen Fiedler
Photography: Ludwig Zeller

Thanks to: Kevin Grennan, Veronica Ranner, J. Paul Neeley


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