Jennifer Morone
First Year

Seeing You Crossed My Mind - Experiment I - The Inner Twin

Experiment I is an investigation of perception and memory through from the focus of the self. By looking at the disparity found between the photograph, the mirrored and the mental image the question was "Who is the that person you see yourself as?"
Vision and perception (not always the same thing) work interwovenly with cognition, memory and and neuro-functioning providing a reality for us that we seldom question.
Memory is made up of superimposed layers where different regions have different storage capacities and are affected by a perception lag. As our past memories effect everything we think we see and experience we are bound to view the world from only one perspective,  our own. 

In this experiment each subject had their portrait taken and then asked which photograph they identified most with. The majority preferred photographs that least resembled them compared to how others see them. Outside opinions were used to choose the portrait that best represented how the world sees and knows them. Each subject then received a black and white print of the portrait and was asked to compare this image to the mental one they might have of themselves, marking where and what they imagined to be different. 

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Cell Race

Stephanie - left true, right inner self -image
Stephanie - left true, right inner self -image
subjects markings of inner image vs photographed
subjects markings of inner image vs photographed