Hayeon Yoo

Reputation-Check Instrument
The Internet Comment section, one aspect of the popular democratic communication system, contains plenty of casual gossip, some truthful. In celebrity culture, it also acts as a barometer of reputation. Many celebrities are obsessed with how much press they receive or with the nature of such content. Depending on the situation and personality, the comment delivers pleasure or extreme fear. Meanwhile, many Social Networks and Blogs have made ordinary people themselves reputation-obsessed, too.
How do we deal with this obsession and interact with such informal and fluctuating data? Can the sub-data be collected to form a kind of personal-data souvenir?

A two-layered object reads aloud each comment taken from the Internet in real-time. The object allows the user to recognise current ‘comment traffic’ first. When the user’s curiosity is alerted by an abstract sound, they can slide out the upper layer object to discover the details.

Origami TV Remote Control
Compass Phone