George Grinsted


It's simply an alarm clock with two buttons and its own programming language!

By using GeekClock's bundled programming environment you're no longer restricted to setting your clock to the exact time, you're free to create as many rules and conditions as you like! Using Geekclock I can set my clock to be 10 minutes fast in the morning but always show the right time on the hour so I don't miss the news. I can set one button to turn off the alarm but only after it has been ringing for 20 seconds (I have the ability to turn off my normal alarm clock in my sleep). Time scaling is also possible allowing you to make 1 hour last 2 or vice versa.

Geekclock isn't just a revolution in personal timekeeping, you can use it to teach yourself Procedural Literacy within a highly simplified environment or to explore the theories of emergence by building in so many rules that you can no longer predict the outcome.

Now tell me you don't want one!