George Grinsted

Chatsum is a web service that allows you to chat to other people who are looking at the same web page as you. Built in collaboration with Lee Parry ( as a Copylefted, Pro-Am-produced, Web 2.0 start-up company, Chatsum is designed to analyse public response to the increasing amount of social data gathered by web services.

Chatsum has been, and continues to be, a huge project with many aims. On one level the aims are very product-based, we want to produce a successful service, we want to build a working community, we want to develop a revenue model that will allow us to work on it full-time and we want to make $30 million by selling it to Yahoo. Yet on another level Chatsum is very much a masters research project through which I am exploring revenue models for the post-copyright era, testing the viability of the Pro-Am production model, identifying the amount of investment needed to seed revenue using this model, exploring the intricacies of providing a Web 2.0 service and exploring the possibilities of exploiting the mass of social data that digitisation offers.