04.03.07 / Exhibition

Designing Critical Design
In “Designing Critical Design,” Martí Guixé of Spain, Jurgen Bey of the Netherlands, and Fiona Raby and Anthony Dunne of the U.K. use mechanisms of commercial design to pose technological, social, and ethical questions.
Venue: z33 Museum in Hasselt, Belgium

From 4 March to 3 June 2007

10.02.07 / Exhibition

The Science of Spying
Tutors in Design Interactions, including Dunne & Raby, Onkar Kular, James Auger, Sebastian Noel (Troika) and Tom Hulbert (Lucky Bite), have designed exhibits for the Science of Spying exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Until 2 September 2007

23.01.07 / Exhibition

Design Interactions Work in Progress Show
Celebrating and debating research and explorations by 1st and 2nd year students. Project themes include: 11 solutions to an impending apocalypse; emerging technology and the changing nature of love; and what we can learn from fungi.
Wednesday 24 - Wednesday 31 January 2007
04.12.06 / Event

Design Interactions Open Day
If you are interested in finding out more about our department please join us in the studio on December 4, 2006.  Visitors can meet and talk with students in the studio between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm.  Professor Anthony Dunne, Head of Department, will give presentations about the course at 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm. The presentation will be webcast and can be viewed by clicking
30.11.06 / Exhibition

Airphoria: Terminal 1
An exhibition of ideas for a thrilling site-specific installation inspired by Korean culture, fairgrounds and local aviation disasters in Epping Forest. Funded by Arts Council England. Exhibition runs from 30th November - 10th December.

17.10.06 / Event

Thrill Engineering
Fairground: Thrill Laboratory is a heady mix of three classic British fairground rides - the Miami Trip, the Ghost Train, and the Booster; an international team of scientists, artists, performers, technologists, psychologists and showmen; and a carnival of experimentation, performance, and discussion.

13.10.06 / Exhibition

Betes de Style, MUDAC museum in Lausanne
James Auger exhibits work in Betes de Style - a vast panorama grouping together several hundred objects and works by more than 100 creators from all countries, "Bêtes de style" opens the door to numerous fantasies, asks disturbing questions about the unbridled production of objects created “for” animals. 13 Ocotber 2006 to 11 February 2007

29.06.06 / Event

Future Worlds: Better by design?
We live in an increasingly digital world. Can interactive design inject some humanity into the technology shaping our lives? Join Anthony Dunne and students from the RCA for a glimpse of the future... in our homes, at work and beyond.
Dana Centre, Science Museum