15.03.10 / Exhibition

EPSRC Impact Project
The EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) is working with NESTA and 16 DI Alumni, staff and students to explore the social, political, cultural and ethical implications of 16 EPSRC funded projects, and translate them into design proposals. The results will be exhibited at the RCA from the 15-21 March 2010.

06.02.10 / Award

Transmediale Award 2010 Nominee
Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots, a new form of domestic robots proposed by Auger-Loizeau & Zivanovic (James Auger / Jimmy Loizeau / Alexandar Zivanovic) has been nominated to a Transmediale Award. This work has involved two Design Interactions tutors Auger and Loizeau.
10.12.09 / Award

Genetic Heirloom
This is a project that uses design to explore the implications of increased knowledge of genetic information on our behaviour and perception of identity. A series of speculative artefacts, ╩╗heirlooms╩╝, will be created, based on the medical applications of nanogold and nanosilver particles. The work is being developed as part of a year long research and design project supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award.
09.12.09 / Event

Design Interactions Open Day
Every year Desing Interactions welcomes all on the Open Day between 2-6pm. Professor Anthony Dunne will give presentations at 2.15 and 4.15pm. RSVP to
06.12.09 / Event

D.I.Y Cyborgs Workshop
Sputniko! is doing a lecture, demonstration and workshop on D.I.Y cyborgs at the Khoj Association in Delhi on Sunday 6th December. The focus of the workshop is on how technology may evolve with the rich Indian pop culture.

08.10.09 / Exhibition

What If...
WHAT IF... has been curated by leading London based design duo Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby and features a range of works by designers who have explored everything from using animals as life support machines, through to what happens in a society where machines can read your every emotion.

26.06.09 / Event

Royal College of Art Summer Graduate Show
This is an exhibition of work from all departments of the college. The Design Interactions students will exhibit from 26 of June to 5 of July and you can have a look at their work beforehand on the Degree Show Website
25.02.09 / Event

Design thinking for the future
James Auger is speaking in the 'Design thinking for the future' panel at Lift 09 in Geneva.
Beyond the engineers and business' discourse about the future, what is it designers can propose? What sort of alternatives are they envisioning? What's the role of design thinking in creating more meaningful futures? With Fabio Sergio, James Auger and Anab Jain.