Carlos Monleon Gendall
Second Year

Development Disco

What would happen if a planning meeting was held in a roller disco? Could music and motion forge connections between disparate local communities, councillors, urban planners, and development companies? Might play offer new avenues through which people can discuss their shared urban future? This proposed event aims to test out these possibilities by inviting a range of stakeholders in the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area (VNEB) to spend an evening together at Vauxhall's permier roller disco arena; to skate, dance, move, talk, argue, compete, negotiate, laugh, and explore what's next for Vauxhall...
This project was a response to a brief that asked students to explore the south London district of Vauxhall, putting particular emphasis on the notions of philantropy and community.

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