Amina Nazari
Second Year


In a green paper outlining ways to encourage philanthropy within society, drafted by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude in December 2010, it includes initiatives such as cash machines that automatically give customers an option of donating to charity and prompts to give to charitable causes whenever someone fills in a tax return.
The green paper also says -
“it (philanthropy) has to be built from the bottom up on the back of free decisions by individuals to give to causes around them....The more people see that their peers are giving, and how much they give, the more likely they are to give, or give more, themselves.”
In order to influence increased philanthropy what measures might the government take?
I designed this penny, that's intended to be given away rather than spent and I also carried out a 'philanthropy audit' of Vauxhall, London (link below).

Vauxhall Philanthopy Audit

The Mass Ornament